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Get a holistic view on product issues

Today less than 1% of customer care cases are analyzed by product experts. Smabbler analyzes all customer communications data. This way product experts have a global view on how & when products fail.

Automatically match & update product requirements with customer feedback

Smabbler compares customer feedback with all existing product design & manufacturing requirements, like FMEA documentation. Whenever customers signal that the product is not working as intended, such events are flagged and summarized.

Save millions on warranties and quality costs

With Smabbler all customer feedback and internal reports can be analyzed, allowing detection of early trends in product issues. Such events can be flagged months before they become a global and costly problem.

Augment human experts without disrupting daily work

Smabbler acts like an additional knowledge layer in tech stack. Existing data flows or processes are not disrupted.

Why Smabbler

Text Classifier

Put your text in operations. Transform complex information from customers into clear topics.

Text Labelling

Save time labeling your text data - let the technology automatically do it for you.

Intelligent Taxonomies

Enrich your taxonomy with intelligent classification or easily build a new one.