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from text data

... with precision, at scale. Enhance analytics, get new insights, drive automation.

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why smabbler

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High data quality

90%+ text classification accuracy and coverage from day one.

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Works for any topic domain. Covers any language. Transforms results to English.

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Ready from day one

No training datasets. No data cleaning. No run-up periods.

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Easy set-up

Setting-up a new model (use case) takes hours instead of months.

Data consistency icon - Smabbler as a central "source of truth"

Data consistency

Smabbler is a platform - guarantees data consistency for any use case or end application.

Saving experts time icon

Saving experts time

Building a new model (use case) requires little of no effort from domain experts and data engineers.

Smabbler is the Universal Language Platform -
one, consistent solution to turn all your text data into knowledge

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