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Do Not Build Your NLP Solution
Have it ready from day one
Fastest text-to-data transformation
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Use your text just like any data
Analyze it. Count it. Identify important signals. See trends.
Get your text analyzed and classified for over 20 languages.
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Text Classifier

Put your text in operations. Transform complex information from customers into clear topics.

Text Labelling

Save time labeling your text data - let the technology automatically do it for you.

Intelligent Taxonomies

Enrich your taxonomy with intelligent classification or easily build a new one.


Knowledge layer that is ready to use

Analyze text from different sources – you can connect it with your CRM, ERP, file folders or any database with text records. As a result you get standardized and quantifiable data that could be used in multiple processes.

Unlock data from silos

Turn text into data that is usable for end users. New information is accessible and reusable across the whole organization. With Smabbler’s help knowledge is accessible and re-usable.


Enable deep text analytics

Smabbler classifies text with unmatched granularity. Whether you want to improve Customer Care performance, identify gaps in online FAQ, analyze root cause of customer complaints or automate processes based on reading large amounts of text, Smabbler provides instant and clear insights in your BI tool.

Product Design & Quality

Launch NLP project faster

Most of AI and data science projects start with data cleaning & data preparation. Usually this step takes 50% - 80% of project time. Smabbler delivers data ready for AI projects, allowing to get first results in days instead of months.

AI / Data Science

Have trust in your data

Solve multiple data challenges at once:

  • Conformity - Smabbler data could be easily adjusted to internal policies and rules
  • Consistency - guarantees data harmonization and interoperability
  • Compliance - Smabbler data and text classification is fully explainable

You’re in control of your data

We respect your know-how, intellectual property and sensitivity of your data. We do not share, re-use or store data outside your IT infrastructure. All source data and output data belongs to you and you control it 100%.