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Build your own labeling language model in minutes
no code, no dev, no training

no-code labeling model configuration interface
we invite you to play, test, suggest new features

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Smabbler Galaxia ™

A graph based language model

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Smabbler QueryLab ™

No-code labeling language models creator

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Unstructured text to data transformation

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Build your own labeling Language Model in minutes or use our predefined ones. Get your text immediately structured & labeled.
Multiple domains. 20+ languages. High accuracy.
Smabbler - 10x ROI
Get started in 5 minutes.
No complex & expensive integrations.
No barriers to entry.
API as-a-Service.
Smabbler - how it works
Ultimately boost text preprocessing with Smabbler’s Graph Language Model.
Explainable results generalized to one language.
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