Save up to 20% on recalls, warranties and quality costs

Smabbler for manufacturing


The next recall can happen anytime and anywhere. On average, less than 1% of troubleshooting cases are analyzed by global subject matter experts. When a serious product issue is not noticed early, it can cause significant reputational harm and costs to the company.


Customer communications data contain signals about product issues. These signals allow to detect product issues 6 to 12 months earlier than the competition detects their own issues. When compounded year over year, this leads to customer loyalty and significant market share gains.


Smabbler utilizes a proprietary Language AI technology to detect early signals of product issues. Smabbler transforms customer communications data into structured knowledge datasets which can be shared with every functional leader in the global business. Then statistical analysis is utilized to find trending symptoms of product issues (example below) to fix them early and create a strategic advantage for the business.

why smabbler

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High data quality

90%+ text classification precision and recall. Detailed information on trends in troubleshooting cases and technicians reports.

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Works for any product, in any language. Translates results to English for the global view on product issues.

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Ready from day one

Smabbler set-up takes days with no training data or experts involvement required.