Learn why customers struggle with your products 12 months early

Smabbler for consumer electronics


COVID doesn't just change how you sell on shopping sites, but operate across the entire value chain. Using less materials so that as sales go up, the footprint can go down. Reducing costs while boosting consumer trust. Using data to bring early warning insights to the humans running the business and help the environment footprint at the same time.


Customer communications data contain signals about product issues. This insight helps sales teams to spend more time on sales calls actually selling instead of responding to quality issues. Inaccurate issue classification increases time to resolution. Over time lingering design flaws or quality problems degrade a a brand and lead to unnecessary loss of market share to more agile and responsive players.


Smabbler's advanced AI technology accelerates time from detection to action. Product Managers get design insights months early across multiple languages. Quality Assurance Managers detect painful issues early and share globally. Chief Data Officers tackle the 80% data problem and put it to use for the business. And customers get the product they love.

Example of customer issues classification for an electronic device

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High data quality

90%+ text classification precision and recall. Detailed information on trends in customer messages.

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Works for any product, in any language. Translates results to English for the global view on product issues.

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Ready from day one

Smabbler set-up takes days with no training data or experts involvement required.