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Launch NLP projects faster

Most of AI and data science projects start with data cleaning & data preparation. Usually this step takes 50% - 80% of project time. Smabbler delivers data ready for AI projects, allowing to get first results in days instead of months.

Build more accurate AI models

Smabbler classifies text with great accuracy and consistency. NLP models trained with Smabbler data achieve much higher F1 scores than models trained with manually or semi-automatically tagged data.

Build data harmonization across company

A message from customer can have a different meaning for different business departments. Smabbler can adjust text classification based on the business context. At the same time Smabbler data is consistent as a whole, guaranteeing data harmonization.

Automatically build and retrieve taxonomies

Compare customer feedback with product design & manufacturing requirements, like FMEA documentation. Whenever the product has not worked as intended or the design assumptions were wrong, each case can be identified and analyzed.

Why Smabbler

Text Classifier

Put your text in operations. Transform complex information from customers into clear topics.

Text Labelling

Save time labeling your text data - let the technology automatically do it for you.

Intelligent Taxonomies

Enrich your taxonomy with intelligent classification or easily build a new one.