The text analysis solution that suits the needs of high security product industries.

Smabbler for aerospace


Aerospace industry is going through a transformation. Digital processes that connect people, machines, data and value chains together with AI can save on costs, reduce quality risk and deliver more fit-for-purpose products.


Products that don't work in this industry cost lives. Inaccurate issue classification and the sensitivity of data means insights can become siloed across business groups. Improper symptom categorization obscures problem identification and reduces visibility across the value chain. Classic rule-based, ML and narrow NLP technologies lack the agility and specificity to satisfy the needs of engineering, product design, quality functions and Chief Data Officer of the global business.  


Smabbler's advanced AI technology improves product design, quality and engineering effectiveness. The solution reduces time to detect painful issues across a global network of local experts or end users, even when weak signals persist. A complex, multi-BU organization which can interpret current or old design documents and maintenance requests across multiple languages can accelerate time to action. And reduce the burden on internal Subject Matter Experts to focus the humans on transforming the business.

why smabbler

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High data quality

90%+ text classification precision and recall. Detailed information on trends in troubleshooting cases and technicians reports.

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Works for any product, in any language. Translates results to English for the global view on product issues.

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Ready from day one

Smabbler set-up takes days with no training data or experts involvement required.